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Confidently land your dream job

10 week Accelerator Programme 


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Coaching ambitious Business Professionals land their ideal job in International companies by advancing their communication and interview skills


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Our classes are...


Designed Just for You


You'll participate in practice interviews


We'll make your job-seeking journey enjoyable! 

Succeed in your job interviews in English. By the end of this programme you'll have everything you need to secure future job opportunities in international companies.

This 10 week Programme Includes:

10 x (1 hour) online individual sessions

Assignments before and after every session

Personalised coaching adapted for your Industry

Our 10 week Confidently land your dream job Programme

will teach you how to....

Curriculum Vitae

Write an effective CV and cover letter

Reviewing CVs

Analyse the job advertisement and company

Job Interview

Understand and answer interview questions clearly

Business Meeting

Handle difficult questions


Make a good first impression

Business Lunch Meeting

Explain your skills concisely




Art Restorer


Ella is a very good teacher, very professional, kind, and caring. She helped me to prepare for an interview, she was organized, it was so helpful. She set me completely at ease! I really appreciated doing these lessons with her! I would recommend her 100%!

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