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Master Business English

10 week Accelerator Programme

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Coaching ambitious Business Professionals become confident communicators and improve their job performance by advancing their communication skills.


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Our classes are...


Designed Just for You


You will learn the language of business and put it into practice in class


Interesting discussions and relevant topics

Become a confident communicator in English. By the end of the programme you'll have everything you need to improve your job performance and secure future career opportunities.

The 10 week Programme Includes:

10 x ( 1 hour ) online individual sessions

Assignments before and after every session

Personalised coaching adapted for your Industry

Our 10 week Master Business English Programme

will teach you how to...

Stand Up Meeting

Understand cross-cultural business

Shaking Hands

Make small talk and open/close conversations

Business Meeting

Participate in meetings confidently

Business Meeting

Improve your speaking clarity

A business meeting

Use Business English Vocabulary

Accounting Documents

Write important work documents




CFO | Intelligence Director



I really wanted to take some time to thank you, Ella, for all your guidance and support, I have been taking business English classes since the beginning of the pandemic, and I have learned a lot and enjoy practicing because now because I feel more confident, fluent and more competent in a second language. I am the CFO and Intelligence Director of Endeavor based in Mexico. Since our organization has a global footprint, I found Ella’s lessons as a fast track to progress and improve my communications skills, so I really recommended Business English at

Ella English NZ

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